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Lil-Playmakers starts as an adult-child interactive program to introduce our littlest players about the game of soccer.  The program progresses to a child-only program to allow the player to interact directly with the coach and other players.  In this program, we teach the basics of soccer foundations and, more importantly, our passion and love of the beautiful game.  Players that graduate from the Lil-Playmakers program have the foundational skills necessary to move on to our Youth Academy.



Youth Academy is where our players get introduced to a higher level of playing and a more frequent training schedule.  Our focus remains on our four foundational pillars, which are; technical foundation, freedom from perfection, innovation and our club and team culture.  While in the Youth Academy, our teams play in a competitive and structured setting, which may include Arizona Soccer Association leagues, various state and travel tournaments and inter-club scrimmages. The goal of the youth academy is to prepare our developing player for our Playmaker Academy.



The Playmaker Academy is our competitive academy where our players compete in the highest state and national levels available. Training sessions may increase in frequency but remain focused on the Playmaker methodologies, including technique, strategy and innovation. At the Academy level we expand our training systems and include running techniques and conditioning to prepare our players for long-term success on the field. The goal of the Playmaker Academy is to compete at the highest level and prepare our players for their ultimate goal in soccer, which may include invitations to the MLS-Next Program, ECNL, GA, DA, etc.

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