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Financial Aid

This program provides financial assistance to families in need.

At Playmaker Futbol Academy, we believe in making soccer accessible to all. We provide financial aid to players and families in need of assistance so that everyone can benefit from our elite soccer programs. We believe every child should be given the best training and development regardless of financial standing.

PFA Financial Scholarship Awards

If you have an interest in applying for a financial aid award, you must do so by completing the application form here

Please note that for competitive players to receive an award:

  • They must tryout and be placed on a competitive team

  • They must pay the Registration Fee

  • The family must contribute a minimum of 8 volunteer hours in the season that the award was given

  • Make a commitment to uphold minimum GPA requirements

  • The player must be nominated by the Coach after a discussion between the Coach with the family with regards to financial need.


Documentation is also required as part of the application form which includes, but is not limited to, tax returns & disclosure of income for this current year and previous years.

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